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Required: Health History Record

(due June 1–Fall entry, January 1–Spring entry)

The University of Richmond adheres to the vaccine requirements of the Commonwealth of Virginia. All entering full-time students must submit required documentation by the deadlines listed above.

Step One - Log into your the Student Health Portal at using your NetID and password to complete and submit ALL THREE electronic forms:

  1. IMMUNIZATION FORM: Complete steps A-B-C:

    A. Print the Immunization Form for your physician to complete and sign. Please do not mail records as this will delay your compliance. Mailed records are not reviewed until after the deadline.

    B. Upon receipt of your immunization records, enter vaccination dates provided by your physician to complete the electronic Immunization Form under the MY FORMS tab. Online forms submitted without the supporting document upload will not be reviewed.

    C. UPLOAD the physician signed Immunization Form to your electronic health record using the DOCUMENT UPLOAD tab. Please do not upload your document multiple times as this will delay the review process.

  2. TB RISK ASSESSMENT FORM: Please read and answer all questions carefully. Answering questions incorrectly may lead to unnecessary testing and fees. If you have additional TB documentation, upload using the DOCUMENT UPLOAD tab.
  3. MEDICAL HISTORY FORM: Please complete all applicable questions.

Step Two - Please allow up to 15 business days for record review. Consult your web portal for immunization compliance status: green = requirement met; red = needs attention (see below). Communication from the Student Health Center will occur via secure message under the Messages tab (see below).

Please contact the Student Health Center for further assistance: - emails typically answered within 48 hours

AVOID THE HOLD - University of Richmond Policy states: The required documentation must be submitted by June 1 for fall admission and December 1 for spring admission for review by the Student Health Center staff. Any student with insufficient records will be contacted via a secure message in their Patient Portal with specific instructions for satisfactorily completing the process. Any student with incomplete records after three weeks of classes will have a hold applied to their Student Account to block registration for next semester classes. The hold will remain in place until all record requirements are met.