Patient Information & Services

The Student Health Center clinicians and nurses provide students access to efficient and effective primary care services. Our staff is dedicated to delivering the highest quality care demonstrated by our on-going AAAHC (Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Health Care, Inc.) accreditation.

Services include treatment of acute and chronic illnesses, injuries, disease prevention, health maintenance, peer education and mental health-related care. For questions regarding services, contact 804-289-8064.

Patient Information

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  • Appointments
    • All active A, B, J, Law and full-time MBA students at the University of Richmond are eligible for care at the Student Health Center.
    • The Student Health Center is an appointment based clinic. Same day appointments are offered subject to availability.
    • To schedule an appointment log onto your Student Health Portal or call 804-289-8064
    • Students experiencing COVID symptoms should schedule a telehealth appointment or call 804-289-8064
    • Masks will be required for everyone (vaccinated and unvaccinated) entering the Student Health Center
    • Students who arrive 10 or more minutes late to their appointment will be asked to reschedule.
    • Appointment cancellations should be at least one hour prior to your scheduled appointment. Appointments may be cancelled through the Student Health Portal or by calling 804-289-8064.
  • Triage

    Nurse advice for urgent medical concerns.

    • Business Hours: SpiderCare provides same-day services as availability permits.
    • After Hours: Students may call 804-289-8064 to be connected to an after-hours nurse advice line. The registered nurse will assess your concerns and direct you to the most appropriate care. Please note: the nurse advice line cannot assist with scheduling appointments or prescription refills.
  • Excuse Note Policy

    The University of Richmond Student Health Center does not provide written excuses for students who miss class or assignments due to a short-term illness or an injury.  This policy is consistent with American College Health Association recommendations and the policies of our peer institutions.  It also reflects our commitment to teaching students how to use healthcare resources appropriately and supporting meaningful dialogue between students and faculty.  For the Student Health Centers full statement, please view Excuse Note

    To view the University’s full policy, please visit the Registrar’s website.

    If the health issue(s) prompting your visit to the Student Health Center has impacted your academic responsibilities, contact your professors and respective dean to discuss your concern.

    Dr. Latrina Lemon, Medical Director

    Dr. Alene Waller, Associate Medical Director

    Dr. Ryan Ballum, Staff Physician

    Laura Eastman, FNP

  • Billing and Health Insurance

    Professional visits with a clinican or nurse incur no charge.  There are charges for laboratory tests, immunizations, allergy injections and supplies for certain treatments.

    All charges are billed to the student account.  A statement of charges is available through the Student Health Portal for insurance reimbursement purposes.  The Student Health Center does not bill insurance.

    Student Health Insurance

    The Department of Risk Management sponsors a student health insurance plan to ensure all students have access to adequate health insurance, for more information: Student Health Insurance Plan.

  • Student Health Portal

    Log onto your Student Health Portal using your NetID and password to:

    • Schedule an Appointment
    • Cancel an Appointment
    • Complete Forms
    • Read secure messages from clinical staff
    • Review lab results history
    • Upload medical records and test results
    • View/print immunization history
    • Access billing statements

    NEVER send protected health information (PHI) through email


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  • Allergy Injections/Immunotherapy
    The Student Health Center will not offer allergy immunotherapy appointments during the Fall 2022 semester.
    We apologize for the inconvenience of discontinuing this service.
    The cessation of allergy injections will increase our available appointments for other health concerns. Please call the Student Health Center (804-289-8064) for a list of off-campus resources and check with your medical insurance plan to verify coverage.
  • Immunizations and Therapeutic Injections

    Vaccines administered by the Student Health Center

    • Influenza
    • MMR
    • PPD (tuberculosis) skin tests
    • Tetanus

    Therapeutic Injections

    Disclaimer: The SHC is not liable due to loss of medication from theft, electricity or flood damage. Students may  pick-up/drop-off medication during operational hours: M, T, W, F 8:30am-4:30pm & Thursdays 10am-4:30pm. The SHC is closed on weekends and all University holidays/breaks. University Police/Area Coordinators are not able to access the SHC after hours. We do not receive/send medication shipments.
  • Laboratory
    Due to staffing demands during COVID, the Student Health Center has suspended lab testing requested by outside providers.
    • Lab testing requires an appointment, call 804-289-8064
    • Labs performed at the Student Health Center are processed through LabCorp
    • The Student Health Center does not bill insurance
    • A statement of charges is available through the Student Health Portal for insurance reimbursement purposes
    • Results are typically available in 24-36 hours and our care providers will keep you informed via secure message through the student health portal
  • Medical Equipment Rental

    The Student Health Center loans the following equipment for a fee:

    • Crutches

    Sharps containers are provided to students at no charge and may be picked up at the Student Health Center. Containers must be properly closed when full. Full containers should be returned to the Student Health Center and exchanged for an empty container.

  • Services Pricing Guide

    Student Health Center prices are updated yearly. For a complete list of pricing, click here.

  • Sexual Health and Contraception

    The Student Health Center offers support, education and services related to sexual health in a confidential and sensitive manner. We offer advice by phone and through private appointments with our clinical staff. Our team provides consultations and prescriptions for a variety of contraceptive (birth control) methods and offers screenings and treatment for sexually transmitted infections.

    Free Condom dispensers are located at the Safe Sex station next to the elevators on the second floor of the Health and Well-Being Center.

    STI Testing: Free STI testing is sponsored by the Health Department monthly. Clinics will be held at the Student Health Center from 6:00pm-7:30pm. Be on the lookout for SpiderBytes and social media reminders for more details. STI testing may be performed by the Student Health Center but there is cost. For further information, please review our services pricing guide. 

  • Tobacco Cessation

    The Student Health Center offers quit kits, coaches, one-on-one appointments and information about nicotine products and cessation. 

    JOIN US! Quit the Nic sessions every Friday 1pm-2pm at the Well-Being Center located on the 2nd floor in the Peer Advocate Suite – no appointment necessary.

    Benefits of becoming a non-smoker include:

    • Improve your chances for a longer life
    • Look and feel healthier
    • Feel more energetic
    • Breathe easier and be able to exercise
    • Save money
    • Protect those around you who may be harmed by your smoking, especially if you are pregnant or around children
  • Travel Abroad Services

    Preparation is very important for a safe travel experience. The Student Health Center provides resources for travel clinics in the area which assist with planning and vaccinations.

    For more information, please visit our Travel Information page. 

  • Wound Care

    Due to staffing demands during COVID these services have been suspended.

    The Student Health Center offers the following wound care services:

    • Wound care may be provided for a maximum of 2 weeks
    • Student must provide specific written instructions from the treating physician
    • Student may be required to provide dressing supplies if items are not stocked at the Student Health Center
    • After 3 missed appointments during the 2-week period, future appointments will be cancelled